Name a time when people spontaneously cheered during a film in a movie theater while you were in the audience.

Please you hashtag #MovieCheers

— Gail Simone (@GailSimone) September 19, 2021

When Boomer the Dog leapt to safety in Independence Day.#MovieCheers pic.twitter.com/loqCZyOVih

— Gail Simone (@GailSimone) September 19, 2021

When Mrs. Weasley fought the second most powerful evil wizard in the series one-on-one and killed her by herself #MovieCheers pic.twitter.com/YblUTrK0Zo

— Brandin Hawkins (@brandin12494) September 19, 2021

Avengers Assemble is one of my favorite times #moviecheers pic.twitter.com/YCHngsuQGs

— Brian Keohan (@jacklazer) September 19, 2021

No one will ever convince me movie theaters will ever die out after experiencing the last hour of Avengers: Endgame on opening night. “Cinema,” or not, that night was the pinnacle of movies and the power they hold in peoples’ lives.#MovieCheers https://t.co/FOY75f8DmE

— Matthew “Scary Movies” Thomason (@ResDolph) September 19, 2021

Eowyn announcing she was about to kick some Witch King ass. There was a guttural roar of victory from the women in the audience and cheers from the men and it was magical. #MovieCheers pic.twitter.com/uQ4hKGELLo

— Rebecca Hicks – She/Her (@RHicks) September 19, 2021

Ripley showing up in this outfit to face the alien queen.#MovieCheers pic.twitter.com/hHaCdFAMjb

— Gail Simone (@GailSimone) September 19, 2021

Never have I ever seen a movie theater erupt as is did when this happened: best movie experience of my life. #MovieCheers pic.twitter.com/274fRVhHuI

— KristinDeLuciaMorgan (@kmorgan76) September 19, 2021

I will never forget that one woman in the theater’s reaction to this moment during Black Panther, it was gloriously joyous. #MovieCheers pic.twitter.com/sl3jRfKms7

— The 1st of Her Name (@lizcopic) September 19, 2021

Avengers Endgame so many different times. When Captain America showed he was worthy. when the other Avengers appeared. When Spiderman swung into view. When Captain American said avengers assembly one last time. The theater was rocking. #moviecheers pic.twitter.com/u9cf5gplvd

— Christina Obi-Wan Gandalf (@cmagillespie) September 19, 2021

Also, there were cheers when this family showed up…#MovieCheers pic.twitter.com/Ixncj9xt2u

— Gail Simone (@GailSimone) September 19, 2021

Two come immediately to mind:
1) Get Out. When Rod was the one who showed up.
2) Black Panther. Several times. We were all experiencing something brand new. #MovieCheers https://t.co/9Ri4zSA8kv

— April (@ReignOfApril) September 19, 2021

The *first* one I remember was Jake and Elwood going antifa, back when being anti-fascist wasn't controversial. #moviecheers pic.twitter.com/ZqCm3s4BGf

— Al Peṭṭerson (@eyelessgame) September 19, 2021

When Captain America catches Mjolnir in Avengers Endgame, the entire audience lost our minds in #MovieCheers. https://t.co/Z7jFsUZDwb pic.twitter.com/DwN6nxOZ1A

— BrooklynDad_Defiant!️ (@mmpadellan) September 19, 2021

Wonder Woman No Man's Land #MovieCheers pic.twitter.com/KaIEySNx9n

— Juxtaposeable (@Juxtaposeable) September 19, 2021

when the lightsaber flew out of the snow and it came to rey… the CHEERS… so good #MovieCheers

(pls no rey or sw hate threads) pic.twitter.com/xCO2ibsYhA

— ryan | playing baldur’s gate 3 (@thebanhdot_com) September 19, 2021

When Hulk smashed Loki in AVENGERS, everyone cheered and laughed so loud that no one was able to hear Hulk say "Puny god." I caught that he'd said *something* but didn't know what until I looked it up online the next morning.#MovieCheers pic.twitter.com/MZppyBROsq

— Jon Maki (@jonpaulmaki) September 19, 2021

This scene in Avengers: Infinity War, in a cinema in Aberdeen. The most Scottish thing they could have used. Forget the castle, forget Waverley.

"We'll deep fry your kebab"

:wild cheers:#MovieCheers pic.twitter.com/KGCbHWTxJi

— Fiona Robertson fionaswriting.bsky.social (@FionasWriting) September 19, 2021

#MovieCheers Avengers: Endgame. This was the scene. The movie theater exploded with cheers when Steve picked up Thor’s hammer.

— I have so many questions? (@english_shamar) September 19, 2021

This moment on opening day of #ReturnOfTheJedi in 1983, at my local suburban NJ multiplex. A low rumble of randos yelling at Darth Vader turned into an explosion of cheers/the audience leaping to its feet as Vader hoisted the Emperor overhead. Mind blown.#StarWars #MovieCheers https://t.co/U0VQloattp pic.twitter.com/4KiySzJ6cc

— Phil Szostak (@PhilSzostak) September 19, 2021

Rogue One -> Vader's hallway scene and Leia's ending scene
Avengers – Infinity War -> Thor arriving in Wakanda
Avengers – Endgame -> Captain America wielding Mjolnir and the "Avengers… Assemble" scene#MovieCheers

— Barry (@evilsoothsayer) September 19, 2021

Now it’s number two.#MovieCheers

Still not #Verified

— Gail Simone (@GailSimone) September 19, 2021

When Neo decided he could take on Agent Smith in The Matrix we all exploded. #MovieCheers pic.twitter.com/GmcnMvnkxc

— Cosmic Playtester (@chaoticsequence) September 19, 2021

The whole portal sequence from Avengers Endgame. The first time I heard the whole theater scream from excitment. #MovieCheers pic.twitter.com/3w4PxEJcgS

— LeoShadic345 (@LShadic345) September 19, 2021

In BvS, when Wonder Woman swooos down to block Doomsday's heat vision from frying Batman. The theme swelled up and the crowd just went wild!#MovieCheers pic.twitter.com/uhGdUuf7Om

— Claudio Pozas (@claudiopozas) September 19, 2021

In MY DINNER WITH ANDRE, the entire audience erupted when Andre ordered the soup.#MovieCheers

— Gail Simone (@GailSimone) September 19, 2021

"I want my father back you son of a bitch."
@PatinkinMandy #MovieCheers https://t.co/zEmHeDlDqU

— Chris Gladis ️‍ (@MShades01) September 19, 2021

When Captain America called Thor’s hammer to fight Thanos in Avengers: Endgame. #MovieCheers


— journalist jawn (@dirtywhiteups) September 19, 2021

When Captain America picked up Mjollnir in Avengers End Game, the entire theatre lost their damn mind. #MovieCheers

— That One Show With Bryan Combs (@ThatOneShowBC) September 19, 2021

When Darth Maul revealed his second blade.#MovieCheers pic.twitter.com/pslza0b5d5

— only here (@RN4LinCh) September 19, 2021

#MovieCheers When Pres. Pullman gave his speech in ID4 pic.twitter.com/YAOUDAYXwh

— Needham Comics (@NeedhamComics) September 19, 2021

#MovieCheers When Yoda had his 1st lightsaber duel with Count Dooku. The theatre damn near exploded. Especially the 2 teenage boys behind me.

— Stephen Thurtell (@ThurtellStephen) September 19, 2021


Yoda grabbing the lightsaber in Attack of the Clones pic.twitter.com/pFDSgTrxAF

— Lauren Galaxy (@LaurenGallaway) September 19, 2021

Not a theater, but an auditorium in 8th grade. Inigo says “I want my father back, you son of a bitch” and stabs Coint Rugen. #MovieCheers

— EJ Lada (@EJLada) September 19, 2021

When Diana Prince shed her 1917-18 outfit, morphed into Wonder Woman in her full regalia, climbed up over the barricade, disregarded Steve Trevor's "DIANA!" and came up out of that trench into No Man's Land in #WonderWoman.
Oh YEAH.#MovieCheers pic.twitter.com/G1loyu6FPI

— Mary Agnes Shearon (@RealMaryAgnes) September 19, 2021

Aragorn opening the doors in the Helm's Deep fortress made my then girlfriend cheer… she publically and loudly asked Isildur's succesor to make her a baby, in the cinema. I must recognice that I felt the same, but remain silent because, you know, contention.#MovieCheers pic.twitter.com/EFOeljKNqV

— Raúl A. Astruga (@doktorgraco) September 19, 2021

Opening night of Return of the Jedi when these words appeared on the screen, the audience went insane#MovieCheers pic.twitter.com/opkAzykXBs

— Ratshag (@Ratshag) September 19, 2021

When Dash realized he could run on water, grinned, and accelerated. #MovieCheers pic.twitter.com/3tMw8lWiJt

— Andrew MacBride (@swimsf) September 19, 2021

One of the biggest cheers I’ve heard in a theater, people were jumping up and down when they slo-mo went back to back#MovieCheers https://t.co/qBAUattUgz pic.twitter.com/V4yHRJITa9

— Someone’s failed-clone’s daughter/granddaughter (@MarienneMaid) September 19, 2021

"I've had it with these Monkey-Fighting snakes on this Monday-to-Friday plane!"

That audience popped huge. #MovieCheers pic.twitter.com/DHgArx4ig3

— Good Ol' W.T. (@keyguardactive) September 19, 2021

For one shining moment, we were all his huckleberry. #moviecheers pic.twitter.com/q4aBHjh178

— Jimmy (@dadlypursuits) September 19, 2021

The entire theater SCREAMED with joy when Hulk stopped Iron Man's fall in the first Avengers. It still makes me smile all these years later. #MovieCheers pic.twitter.com/0g7tCEAT4O

— Emanuel Perez (@PEREZSEZ) September 19, 2021

Huh. #MovieCheers is the number 4 trending topic.

— Gail Simone (@GailSimone) September 19, 2021

Holy crap, I stopped checking and this thread from yesterday is up to 4.25 MILLION impressions.#MovieCheers

— Gail Simone (@GailSimone) September 19, 2021

when George punches Biff in the face in Back to the Future. #MovieCheers https://t.co/iNns07ZvRu

— Philly M. Nerd (@PhillyMovieNerd) September 19, 2021

When watching the first viewing of @rianjohnson #TheLastJedi and Ben Solo does *The Thing* to Snoke, EVERYONE leapt to their feet, screaming/clapping/cheering. Pple cheered on even more when the Red Throne Room Fight followed:#MovieCheers https://t.co/sbxq54776p pic.twitter.com/T9h92ywKNE

— ️‍️Rexie (on tumblr)BLM247365 (@KagomeHime369) September 19, 2021

This silly but fun thread is just shy of 2.5 MILLION impressions, and is still a trending topic a day later.#MovieCheers

— Gail Simone (@GailSimone) September 19, 2021

I jumped to my feet & cheered in the theatre at this.#MovieCheers pic.twitter.com/o7Z654aMZA

— ️‍2Loquacious️‍ (@JerkyTough) September 19, 2021

Thor, Rocket & Groot landing in Wakanda is one the best scenes in the MCU. #MovieCheers pic.twitter.com/upRDBC0qml

— ‍️Tal's Variant ‍️ (@DelusionalDarcy) September 19, 2021

I took my young brother to see the original TMNT. The theater was packed with kids. When the turtles get in a tight spot & it seems all hope is lost, a hockey masked vigilante appears and a hundred little voices yell ‘IT’S CASEY JONES’ and cheer.#MovieCheers

— James (@cfnps) September 19, 2021

When “the cops” turned out to be Rod in Get Out. #MovieCheers https://t.co/xxI2G57bX3

— grass toucher, sunshine enjoyer (@Katchin05) September 19, 2021